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Our Company's service overview,

We offer: Business Consulting Services

• SAP systems consulting services (knowledge process, methodology and specialized areas)

• program evaluation, installation, implementation, customization, integration and upgrades

• Maintenance , technical support and training

Our advantages including,

Professional team: we have an experienced professional SAP consultant team, to provide you with the best  Advisory Service in SAP.

Extensive industry experience: we have a rich experience team in SAP implementation and support.

Product skills: Our consultants are Proficient in SAP R / 3 and other software modules.

We also focus on the information security :we are the best partner in SAP, with the most advanced information security management technology and intellectual property protection.

With this excellent security measures, we won the confidence of customers.

Our company's business description: SAP operation and maintenance services

through the establishment of SAP center, we providing omni-directional of SAP maintenance and support services, covering  the server hardware, BASIS technology, ABAP/BW development, FI,CO, MM, PP, SD, WM, QM, HR and other application module. Customers can take advantage of the application parameter navigator engineers'support and a application consultants, and business process experts can offer the best practices in SAP's requirements.

The specific operation and maintenance service architecture as follows:

Our professional service department provides outsourcing services to create interest and save cost for customers, to achieve the following value for customers:

Strengthening the efficiency of SAP transaction

  • Fast response by telephone, Email, VPN and other means, to provide prompt and efficient handling service issues

 • Provide counseling for new business processes, existing processes changes and secondary development

  • based on business needs,  provide the system tuning and on-site support services for customers.

Better return on investment (ROI) and lower risk,

• without  risk of mobility

• without  internal SAP information specialist support

• standard project management, coupled with faster implementation cycles and shorter consulting costs

 • get mature and undergo verification of technical services

• SAP services with  Local experience

Lower maintenance costs

  • without recruitment, dismissal investment, insurance, etc.

  • without staff skills training

  • without office environment and equipment investment

Our services include:

Basis operation and maintenance services

  • BASIS rapid response mechanism

  • strengthen the security system of the SAP

  • strengthen the daily management of SAP systems, analysis and forecasting performance

  • improve the management and monitoring systems

SAP Development Services

  • ABAP development and support

  • BW / BO development and support

  • SAP PI / XI interface development and support

  • Java development and support

  • Web Dynpro development and support

SAP application module operation and maintenance services

  • Establish the site to answer mechanisms and improve the timeliness of site support;

  • gather business requirements, propose solutions, and implement the system;

  • user configuration and operation training, updating test documentation, configuration files, operating manuals;

  • Finishing permissions list, optimizing the configuration authorized to resolve licensing issues.

SAP server and storage system maintenance services

  • hardware warranty

  • Relocation Service

  • Hardware Installation Services

  • Hardware upgrades

  • Hardware Troubleshooting Services

  • The current hardware status assessment services

  • Rental Service

SAP information

1. SAP Company Profile

SAP (System, Applications, and Products in Data Processing, data processing systems, applications and products). SAP is the ERP thought advocates, was established in 1972 and headquartered in southern Germany, Walldorf. SAP's flagship product, R / 3 is used for distributed client / server environment standard ERP software, the main function modules include: sales and distribution, materials management, production planning, quality management, plant maintenance, human resources, industrial solutions, office and communication, project systems, asset management, control and financial accounting. R / 3 supports the production and operation types are: according to production orders, production, contract manufacturing, discrete, complex design and production, according to stock, process type, its users are mainly distributed in the aerospace, automotive, chemicals, consumer goods, electrical equipment , electronics, food and beverage industries.

SAP functionality covering all aspects of business in management, these function modules serve the different areas of enterprise management. In every field of management, SAP also provides further breakdown of the single-function sub-modules, such as financial accounting modules include general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, financial control, financial investment, consolidation, fund management sub-module. SAP provided an effective and comprehensive standard ERP software, while software modular structure ensures that the special needs program data handled separately.

Currently, SAP has more than 17,500 customers in more than 120 countries and regions,, more than 44,500 systems installed point, 10 million end users, more than 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies are using SAP's management program. SAP stock exchange in the world over, including the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange. SAP began to cooperate with Chinese enterprises in the eighties, in 1995 formally established branches in China, and the establishment of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou Branch. According to IDC data, in 2000 SAP to reach 30% market share in China ERP software, and year by year. SAP has more than 300 users in China, including both China Petrochemical, Sinochem, Regis, Haier, Lenovo, COSCO, Changhong, FAW - Volkswagen, Shanghai GM, Shanghai Pudong Development, ITC, Li Ning, Robust, Metro Vanke, Konka, Zhejiang Electric Power, Shanghai Mitsubishi, Little Swan, Datang Telecom, Zongshen Motorcycle, Hualing air conditioning and other large enterprises and groups, including the island glasses, Qingdao Lion, Katherine Xiao-dimensional, Hangzhou Jiefang Road Department Store and other small businesses. In the consumer goods industry has Guangdong Robust Group, Procter & Gamble Co., Ltd. of Guangdong, Guangdong Masson Group Limited.etc.

2. SAP System Overview

SAP is based on a client / server architecture and open systems, integrated enterprise resource planning system. Its functions cover finance, logistics (engineering, procurement, inventory, production and sales of quality, etc.) and various aspects of corporate human resources management, SAP Business Workflow systems and Internet applications link functions.

FI Financial Accounting centralize all information related to the accounting firm, to provide a complete and comprehensive information literature, both as the basis for enterprises to implement the latest control and planning.

TR Financial management is a highly efficient financial management of complete solutions that ensure the company's worldwide turnover, profit for the implementation of the financial asset portfolio structure and limit risk.

CO  management accounting system is a complete system of planning and control tools, a uniform reporting system, the content and the process of internal coordination company handles business.

EC  enterpise control according to a special management information, continuous monitoring of the company's success factors and performance indicators.

IM  Investment Management provides investment instruments and projects, from planning to the settlement of the integrated management and processing, including pre-investment analysis and depreciation simulation.

PP  production plan provides a comprehensive treatment of various types of manufacturing: from repetitive production, custom production, book-binding production, processing, manufacturing, batch and set up to keep the production process production, with extended functionality MPRⅡ. In addition you can also choose to connect PDC, process control systems, CAD and PDM.

MM  Materials Management workflow-oriented processing functions optimized for all procurement processing, automatic assessment of suppliers and reduce procurement and warehousing costs through accurate inventory and warehouse management, and to integrate with the invoice verification.

PM  Plant Maintenance provides for periodic maintenance, inspection, maintenance and service management depletion planning, control and processing, in order to ensure the availability of the various operational systems.

QM  quality management and monitoring, processing of various types of input and manage the entire supply chain and quality assurance related to the coordination of the inspection process, start the corrective measures, as well as laboratory information systems integration.

PS  progect system  coordination and control all stages of project, and work directly with the procurement, from quotation, design, and resource management.

SD  Sales and Distribution actively support the sales and distribution activities, with excellent pricing, fast order processing, on-time delivery, interactive multi-level variable configuration capabilities, and a direct connection with the profitability analysis and production planning modules.


HR  Human Resources Management covers all personnel management tasks using and help simplify and expedite the processing of integrated applications for the company to provide human resource planning and management solutions.

Open BI data warehouse, including intelligent information system that the data from R / 3 applications and external sources of information are summarized become executives, not only to support the user sector decision-making and control, but also support for a key role in the success of high-order control and monitoring.

3. SAP functions and features

Functionality: SAP provides a set of operational measures in a modular form, in which the modules include all the required business functions and the user associated with the technical applications of the system to form an umbrella for the company or business strategy on the use and management.

integration: SAP linked together on the part of the logic. Duplication and redundant data is completely canceled, procedures are optimized, integrated business process to replace the traditional manual operation.

Flexibility: SAP system has facilitate cutting method so that it has a flexible adaptation, which can meet the needs of users and industry-specific requirements. R / 3 is also equipped with an appropriate interface to integrate the user's own software or external software.

Openness: the architecture of SAP conform to internationally recognized standards, enabling customers to overcome the limitations of dedicated hardware platforms and proprietary systems technology. Meanwhile, SAP provides an open interface, you can easily integrate third-party software products effectively to R / 3 system in the past.

User friendly: Icons and graphic symbols simplifies the operation of human-computer interaction time. Unified user interface design to ensure that staff can use the same familiar technology in barrier work.

Modularity: SAP modular structure enables the user a choice of either a new utility that can be completely transferred to a new organizational structure system.

Reliable: As a user of SAP business partner always continue to set up more and more international standards for quality integrated software.

Cost-effective: information processing is one of the points to gain a competitive advantage. When competition intensifies, companies must work harder to get their market share. This requires the use of highly integrated data processing software, and an excellent example of R / 3 is this software.

international applies: SAP supports multiple languages, and is designed for cross-border operations, and can be flexibly adapted to the requirements of monetary and tax matter nations.

Services: SAP system implementation process, the user will get the full support of SAP technical experts and services, including assistance in terms of organizational structure and technology consulting, project planning and implementation, and training courses.


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