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Windchill MPMLink

The industry's first integrated manufacturing process management solution

Manufacturing engineers are facing this challenge every day: Ensure process planning, manufacturing BOM (mBOM) and work instructions accurately reflect the current engineering design. Normally, before the completion of the design, design engineers will not please manufacturing engineering personnel involved in the definition of "how to" manufacture products where manufacturing jobs. However, if you can perform synchronization manufacturing process management in carrying out engineering design (MPM) (treated the same design data), you can have a positive impact on product cost, accuracy and manufacturing development cycle deliverables.Windchill MPMLink is a complete PLM application designed for manufacturing engineers design, it is also an ideal solution because it provides the necessary tools for mechanical engineers, so that they can at the same time, the product designer to digitally design and management All process plan deliverables.

Features and advantages,

1,define the product and manufacturing process to shorten the time.

2,By allowing manufacturing engineers to digitally create and manage manufacturing process plans and the associated resources, improve their efficiency.

3,The impact of changes to simplify the identification and dissemination through cost reduction and costly changes late times, reduce changes

 4,Improve product quality by reducing scrap and rework

5,Through the elimination of multiple legacy and MS Office-based solutions to reduce total cost of ownership


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