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Wisdom is the wealth of PNT and talents are the heart of PNT. PNT has already instituted and bettered talent development strategies, bending itself to concerning for, honoring and shaping talents. PNT undertakes that the outstanding talents to be members of PNT will be equipped with a much wider development platform to make individual development synchronized with corporate development.

PNT reckons talents as maximum corporate capital and sparkplugs the shared development of the enterprise and staff; every employee is sick for respect and realization of self-worth, with this end in view, our company energetically advocates shaping a kind corporate culture of equality, trust and harmony and instilling it into talent strategies with the (corporate) institutions as the guarantee and the team as the prerequisite.

Salary Philosophy
Our salary philosophy is performance orientation, devotion and reciprocation (return). In reference to income distribution, we keep to widening income gap on the absolute principle of performances and devotion evaluation results, and guarantee that high performers deserve high return; meanwhile, under the context of equal performance, the opportunity favors the employees who have high work seniority, cherish posts and devote wholeheartedly to work and assume high
cultural identity.

Staff welfare
Social insurance: all staff enjoy lawful social insurance (endowment insurance, Medicare, maternity insurance and employment injury insurance), and housing fund, meantime, PNT will provide commercial insurance in line with post specialty.
Paid leave: all staff also enjoys annual leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, funeral leave, and etc., apart from statutory holidays stipulated by our country.
Registered residence: we conduct procedures of registered permanent residence transfer for eligible staff and make household registrations for outstanding fresh graduates.
Dormitory: we will provide the staff in need with dormitory equipped with complete domestic facilities.
Health security: we render all staff a free medical examination every year.
Recreation plan: all staff enjoy a vacation every year, and we hold such various good-sized team activities as badminton competition, table tennis games and so forth at regular intervals.
Staff training:
In group to be seasoned with ever-changing environment, our company calls for staffs lifelong learning to lift professional competitiveness. And our company sets up a platform for the staff to learn and mature, and the learning organization shall be constructed by teeming trainings, internal exchanges & discussions and team development to back up and assist everyone in vocational development and value realization.

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