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      Shenzhen Parameter Navigator Technology CO., Ltd (aka PNT), with its inception in 2005 and its HQ in Shenzhen profoundly teeming with technologies and innovations, is a national high-tech enterprise addressing itself to rendering the clients integrated solutions of the world¡¯ s one-up upscale core information system. We institute filiales or offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Dongguan and Hong Kong to spread our services and commercial networks all over the country stepwise, and furnish the clients with fairly considerate and local services.

     Since its inception, we always keep to utilizing the internationally top-notch technology to help the clients boost efficiency and value, adhere to the combination of IT and business, and science & technology and innovation, sparkplug intellectualization and intelligentization of technology and management, and exert ourselves to address all-wave management and IT demands of the clients. Our businesses and services blanket a good number of fields, such as IT planning & management consulting, process optimization (IPD/CMMI), R & D management and cooperative system, ERP system, content & knowledge intelligentization management system and omnibearing information safety, and the like.
On the strength of cooperation with world-leading IT manufacturers, for instance, PTC¡¢IBM¡¢SAP¡¢Oracle¡¢EMC¡¢Symantec¡¢HP¡¢Microsoft¡¢Mentor¡¢Aruba, etc. Our company, combined with China¡¯s actual conditions and demands that enterprises and public institutions strive for excellence and cope with international competition, integrates, develops and delivers internationally synchronized integrated solutions and services, and progressively offers large-scale groups and such industries as energy, manufacturing, medical care, government, real estate and finance the upmarket practice and application solutions.
      PNT is possessed of R & D and management team of highly qualified personnel and internationally cutting-edge technologies, and our products, technologies, R & D and services encompass such fields as PLM, ERP, knowledge management and information safety. Our company persists in investing not less than 15% of saleroom in R & D and innovation every year, and we have already had ten-odd software copyrights and products at present. In 2010, PNT was rated as Guangdong Provincial Model Enterprise of Integrity in 2010 and China¡¯s Notable Enterprise, and it PLC solution won the Advanced Program & Case Prize of China¡¯s Computer Industry Development Achievements; and in 2011, our company became the enterprise chiefly recommended and supported by the expert panel of R & D and Industrialization of PLC Management System of Discrete Manufacturing Industry, and the software enterprise primarily backed by R & D Funds of Shenzhen Science & Technology. In the meantime, PNT launches far-ranging cooperative relationships with BUAA, SCUT, HIT, Shenzhen University and other higher education institutions, and labs and the base of production, learning and research have also been built with concerted efforts, in group to achieve the integration of production, learning and research by pooling talents from higher education institutions, thereby doing better in nurturing talents and meeting the needs of future.
      In 2011, PNT scored heartening betterments in such industries as high technology, nuclear power, high-end assembly, medical care, real estate and government, thus wining a multitude of to-end customers¡¯ favor. Looking into the future, PNT will, bottoming on four core businesses: PLM, ERP, information intelligence management and information safety, hammer at equipping China¡¯s enterprises and public institutions with the world¡¯s state-of-art informatization platform and intelligentization Management solutions, assist them in remarkable management and innovations, thus enabling Chinese enterprises to rise and tower in the global market.

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