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       China has been the world¡¯s second largest economy over the past thirty years of reform and opening up, but how will China achieve sustainable development in the future? How will Chinese enterprises better efficiency and value, and brave globalization competition? Smart technology and intelligent management have already been the preferred route and solution for a world of excellent enterprises and public institutions to fathom, make the transition and seek a breakthrough.

       Since its inception in 2005, PNT always adhere to making use of the world¡¯s first-string information technology to help the clients upgrade their efficiency and value and strive to address the needs of the clients. By feat of the powerful management consulting team and top-ranking technology R & D team, we hope to make the world-leading high-end IT product platform & application effectively integrated with the reality of Chinese enterprises in order to develop and integrate the most cost-effective, upscale and internationally synchronized localized and core application integrated solution, and to render delivery services and products of high availability and low risk.

      After several years¡¯ endeavor, our businesses and services have already covered a good number of fields, such as IT planning & management consulting, process optimization (IPD/CMMI), R&D management and cooperative system (PLM), ERP system, content & knowledge intelligentization management system and omnibearing information safety, and the like. These fields integrate one another, and they can satisfy and really achieve the complicated, leading-edge and internationalized requirements that medium and large manufacturing enterprises, government, industries such as medical care, telecom, energy, engineering and finance have over IT system and management system.

      Along with the transition of China¡¯s najor strategy and development mode, informatization has already been the one and only choice for enterprises and public institutions to technicalize and intelligentize their management, cooperation & innovation, and optimize and upgrade their development modes. We will get the utmost out of the world¡¯s advanced information technologies and industry practice & application that we have mastered to help the clients achieve eminent management and innovation. Our tomorrow is instinct with hopes! We would like to make an effort to propel the in-depth fusion of informatization & industrialization, and technology & innovation in accompany with all of you, and finally grow up and achieve primacy together with the clients.

                                                            by CEO shao  gang


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